Baby Chicken Exercising
Vaccination Program for Pullets (Layers) WE DO NOT SELL CHICKENS YOUNGER THAN 16 WEEKS OF AGE When chicks are hatched they have their first injection against Mereks Disease and are feed on chick crumbs which have all the Necessary supplements’ needed to help them develop and also keeps them fit and well. After 6 weeks the food is change to growers meal that they stay on until they are point of lay Hens. All chickens have a risk off picking up unwanted illnesses just like any other animal. So all Hens pullets undergo a thorough 16 Week vaccination programme before being sold and going to their new homes.
Hybrid Pullets are vaccinated against all major diseases. Listed below is an example of a typical vaccination programme.
Day 1 Merek’s Disease
Day 1 – 5 Salmonella Enteritidis
Day 10 – 14 Bronchitis & Newcastle Disease
Infectious Bursal Disease
Day 20 – 28 Infectious Bursal Disease
Week 4 Newcastle Bronchitis
Weeks 6 – 8 Salmonella Enteritidid
SVariant Infectious Bronchitis
Weeks 14 – 16 Aryngotracheitis
Avian Encephalomyelitis