About us

We are not a big commercial business but a small friendly run enterprise situated in the village of Hatfield Heath, Nr Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.

It was 21 years ago that we moved into our little cottage and with it came a small plot of land which was brilliant as we had two large dogs and a cat and always wanted to rescue a few ex-battery hens and maybe one or two other animals that needed some tender loving care and a good home.

We started like most people with a small number of chickens at the bottom of the garden and after experiencing having are own Hens and collecting our own free-range fresh eggs each day we couldn’t look back.

We gradually built up the number of chickens and decided to start breeding our own Hens to sell to other hobbyist. 

Chickens don’t just give you a nice supply of eggs each day. They also make wonderful pets. Each Chicken has it’s own character. They are very friendly.

All children love to have a pet and chickens make good useful pets as they are very easy to look after. Children get really excited when they can go outside and give the chickens some treats. They love to collect the eggs each day and then pick which egg they are going to have for their tea.

We will try and help in any way to answer any questions if you are getting Hens for the first time or just want some advice and are not used to keeping Chickens. We will let you know which ones would suit your own needs.

You can telephone or e-mail us.

 We want your experience of keeping poultry enjoyable and stress free, and we aim to keep our customers happy. We also want to make sure that all of our Hens are going to good homes.

Please click on the chicken for sale page for more information as we have a stunning selection of hybrid Hens and two lovely varieties of pure breeds available. ‘Buff Orpington’ and Crested Cream Legbar.

If you arrange to purchase poultry please bring a secure ventilated pet carrier or strong cardboard box when you come.